Listings of Fannie Mae REO Homes for Sale

REO home buyers should gain thorough insight into the various steps and processes involved in buying a foreclosed home from Fannie Mae HomePath. All the information that is needed to make an informed choice about home purchase can be found online. The entire agency inventory of foreclosed & repossessed homes can be seen among Fannie Mae REO home listings.

Fannie Mae REO department’s property listings are listed through pre-approved real estate agents that service a given area. Any known hazards are thoroughly disclosed on the individual property listing page and also in the REO contract documents. This doesn’t mean that all hazards on the property have been disclosed and the buyer can proceed without a thorough inspection being conducted on it.

Any property offered for sale through Fannie Mae listings is sold in “as is” condition. This basically means that the buyer accepts the property in its existing condition and gives up any later recourse for compensation. FNMA doesn’t take responsibility for any repairs after the settlement, so the borrower must pay very close attention during the inspection period.

Search for FNMA REO Listings

Individual listings of FNMA homes contain data about neighborhoods, homes and schools which can be accessed at the flick of the mouse. Being prepared and informed certainly saves time and prevents avoidable mistakes and costly pitfalls when buying a listed REO home. HomePath REO property website is a great source to initiate your quest for buying an ideal home owned by Fannie Mae.

The REO listings site makes it very easy to find a property that meets a buyer defined search criteria. The site offers various options to narrow down and locate a home that fits specific parameters and needs of the investor. REO properties owned by FNMA are listed currently in record-breaking numbers. They can be found in almost all the zip codes, cities and states in the country. Fannie Mae’s REO listings contain properties of all sizes and values in varying physical conditions.

Instead of constantly revisiting the listing site, an investor should use the valuable filtering options and customizable alerts to keep up with new home listings hitting their local market. To search for Fannie Mae REO homes in a host of different ways, use the advance search options found on the website. A list of homes that match user criteria can also be downloaded for easy sorting and filtering.

Making an Appointment with the REO Listing Agent

The site also makes it a breeze to make appointments with listing agents for visiting & inspecting reo properties. After clicking on the agent contact link on the listing, follow instructions to set up your next appointment with a REO broker. Any questions that arise related to the property can be addressed to the real estate agent handling the property on behalf of Fannie Mae REO department.

The REO agent handling a property is listed on all Fannie Mae REO property listings. Approved REO agents interface between the buyers and FNMA. Offers, counter-offers, contracts and negotiations are handled by them exclusively. A buyer is also allowed to work with an agent of his or her choice to represent themselves in the purchase transaction of a FNMA REO home. The buyer should try to pick an agent with prior experience and expertise in dealing with purchase of foreclosed reo properties.